Blessing for Neverland


Gentle friend

Of amber land and azure sky,

Noble oak and grassy meadow,

Happy birdsong and rustling leaf,

Crisp autumn breeze and warm summer wind,

May your beauty be preserved forever

And no danger befall your precious nature.


Beyond this rustic fence

That welcomed me through the seasons,

A magic memory lies in slumber,

Where graceful gardens and green pools

Recall a prince’s happy kingdom.

Your golden valley,

Hidden from the curious ones,

Has summoned my soul

And bidden me to praise and wonder:

Have I come here to bless you,

Or to receive yours?


Your favored son

Who played and danced and sang,

Who brought laughter of children

And hope of healing,

Had long ago, in sorrow,

Vanished from this realm,

His holy sanctuary,

The dwelling place of his imagination.

Yet holiness echoes and shimmers

In every sunny glade,

In games of playful squirrels

And melodies of flittering birds,

In colors of painted sky

And dances of laughing wind.

May it ever be so

In your wonderland

Beneath the rugged slopes

Of Figueroa’s Mountain.


And when I too am gone

From this beloved haven

Beside your boundary,

May you remember me fondly

And know that you are ever

In my soul.

May the spirit of the woodland

And her creatures that played,

Sang and danced for me

Never forget how I loved them,

How gratefully I shared their home.


May those who hold your lands

And work behind your gates

Be guided by kindness

And have a care for my devotion.

May they watch over your beauty

And guard your tranquility

With a sacred trust,

As I have these many months

In solitude and patience

Beside your fence.


May those who visit your gate

In tribute and longing

Keep true to the memory

Of the Lovely One

Who named you,

And leave their L.O.V.E. imprints

Upon the breeze

As kisses and whispers

To join the echoes

Of his own.


May the sacred goodness of your valley

Endure for all time

And no hardness or greed

Ever mar your tender character.

May you always inspire



And healing of the heart.

May you call the children Home again.

May the Happy Piper lead them.


Dear, beloved Neverland,

My sister, my friend,

May you ever be safe

And embraced by the grace

And power of Eternal Love.

Where my promise rests

Beside a tree at your border,

May you watch for me to return,

One day

To walk, laugh and sing

With the little ones

Within your gentle valley

At last,


Where love and serenity

Have blessed my heart,

Outside your gate.


By- © Lisa Blanton 2010

Fonte: Blessing For Neverland

Também em Espanhol


Sobre PoemforMJ

Michael ... "Quando olho no dentro dos seus olhos eu sei que é verdade.Deus deve ter gasto um pouco mais de tempo em você!"
Esse post foi publicado em Dos fãs para Michael, Homenagens e marcado , , . Guardar link permanente.

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